Dental Moneyball: How to Use a Data-Driven Approach to Grow Your Dental Practice

In this monumental episode, Richard and George talk about the surprise release of “Dental Moneyball.” Originally slated for December, they took control, and the book appeared on Amazon ahead of schedule. With unexpected pre-orders and a special offer on their platform, they share their excitement for the self-published venture. The duo emphasizes the operational edge of speed in business, exploring both its advantages and challenges. The episode also delves into the personal commitment, sacrifices, and unexpected work during a family vacation that went into bringing “Dental Moneyball” to life.

Coaches Corner: Interviewing & Onboarding For Ultimate Success

Richard and Caitlin are BACK with an audience favorite: Coaches Corner. Today they talk about the questions to ask in EVERY interview, why phone screenings shouldn’t involve the doctor, when to followup with references, and why listening to team members after giving them feedback…is the best feedback!

TPO: Entrepreneurial Mindset with Richard Low

Shared Practices’ CEO Richard Low has been through a lot. And he’s familiar with how we pre-owners feel. We rarely hear from Richard on The Pursuit of Ownership but today he shares with Andrew. Being ready to put out fires every day, which personal development journeys NEVER end, and his most valuable resources he’s ever been given, and more…

TPO: A Guide for Dental Students

This is a dental student-specific episode. We’re introducing students to the possibilities; the vision. You can start honing your vision NOW and you’ll be that far ahead when you graduate. Which opportunities are actually out there, what would Andrew be focusing on as a D1 if he could go back, and ultimately, why you’ll NEVER learn this stuff in dental school.