Richard Confronts Old Partner

Richard interviews former Guided Practice Solutions DSO partner Dr. Hunter Smith. Richard had ownership in his and Dr. Little’s practices. After parting ways amicably, these two now speak freely about their experience around leadership, ownership, and why Richard had to call it quits.

How to Compete in a Gigantic Suburb

Payton personally knows our anonymous guest “Eric”. Eric has listened to the podcast since the very first episode. He knows the philosophy, he has an acquisition in mind, and he’s already met with Suzanne for due diligence. With the practice’s extensive use of–wait for it–the Yellow Pages, and a staff that may retire soon, can Payton help him get ready to turn this thing around?

Growth, Skills…and Taxes, live with Justin Moody

Live from the Dentists, Implants and Worms set, Justin Moody joins us today. After catching up, Richard and Justin have a candid conversation about growth, how often we unnecessarily refer out, and developing skills you thought were difficult. Plus a little riffing about taxation near the end for our listeners.

VP of Content Strategy at Spear Education

We continue covering many aspects of marketing and growing your practice in different areas. Today we welcome back VP of Content Strategy at Spear Education, Adam McWethy. We talk about barometers of success such as new patient flow and team communication. Plus, Adam tells how a good website, lots of reviews, and a digital presence is NOT an ultimate goal; it’s only the foundation for future marketing.