Dr. “Ron Swanson” Revealed!

Our very own Suzanne Rassy and Lori Williams guide Dr. Graham Beard out of his “Ron Swanson” alias and into the public light. They talk about the advice he would give an associate who wants to buy in, how Lori grew Dr. Beard’s practice, making your new acquisition sustainable.

Patrick’s 15-month Transformation

Suzanne brings back an anonymous guest “Patrick”. Last on the show in June 2021, Patrick also brings on his Shared Practices coach Traci. They discuss staff trust issues after betrayal, how he found a sweet spot in a hypercompetitive market, and the coaching he’s had throughout his practice growth journey.

Dr. Snakes Part II

Suzanne and Dr. Snakes talk about the many ways patients leave your practice and reactivation campaigns as Dr. Snakes continues to triumph after tragedy.

Dr. Snakes Part I

A stroke caused absolute upheaval in “Dr. Snakes’” personal and professional life. His father had unexpectedly passed. After an outpouring of love from family, the community, and practice staff, Dr. Snakes’ knew it was time for major updates. Yet again he’s growing toward a direction he wants. But with Suzanne’s eyes on the metrics, we find problems we can help with. This is truly a story of overcoming adversity.