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Analytics-Based Courses

Where industry-leading dentalpreneurs come for practice management education.

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May 3-4, 2024

Analytics Based Office Management

Practice Owners, and Office Managers who aspire to grow personally and professionally while optimizing office operations through data-driven strategies and ensuring sustainable growth.

May 31 - June 1, 2024

Analytics-Based Pre-Ownership

Dental Associates, and Students looking for the keys to success and to prepare for dental practice success through evaluation and acquistion.

Sept 27-28, 2024

Hygiene-Led Practice Growth

Two day In-Person C.E Course for Dental Hygienists, Doctors and Front Office Team Members seeking to harness the power of strategic hygiene-led strategies.

Nov 15-16, 2024

Analytics-Based Practice Management

Practice Owners, Associates, and Students looking to understand the philosophy behind the path to explosive practice growth and how to implement for their practice success.

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At any Shared Practices course, we have 3 main focuses...

It starts with you! We begin this journey with the end in mind and that’s your VISION.
With your vision as the driver, our thorough Analysis and Practice evaluation helps us uncover what blind spots have been holding you back from achieving your vision.
Career Development
You and your team will spend time with your coach in strategy sessions designed to meet your unique practice goals.
Career Development

Hear what our members are saying

Ore Adegun
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"I have been a listener of Shared Practices from Episode 1! I have enjoyed binging the podcast as an associate and practice owner. I love the systematic approach to growth. Dental Moneyball is a must read. I have been working with my coach now for about 9 months and my practice has grown tremendously. My 1-1 coaching experience has been awesome. At times it is very uncomfortable but I can honestly say I have not been steered wrong. It is great to have someone who is looking at the practice from the forest while I only see the practice from the trees. My coach has helped me change my mindset on how to grow and manage my office. Coaching with Shared Practices has been one of the best investments I have made for my office. I wish I started earlier! I attended the hygiene led growth seminar last fall and it was eye opening and very informative. I recommend that course to any practice owner. The staff of Shared Practices are always very accommodating and kind. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work!"
Elena Roderick
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"Being in POM I am able to have great discussions with like minded people. We all learn from each other. The most impactful thing for me was having people on my side to get me through some tough choices. Joining as a student I was able to experience other people's journey to ownership. My vision has gotten more specific overtime and SP has been a large part of why I was able to decide on what I really wanted for my future. Being able to share my vision with others allows them to help keep me accountable."
Justin Baik
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"If you are thinking about practice ownership. There is no other resource I’d recommend to begin with other than the Analytics Based Pre-Ownership course. Shared Practices clearly defines what practice ownership is and shows what is possible as a practice owner. Don’t go into ownership blindly based on what some other dentist told you what you should do. Your situation is unique and you need guidance on how to fulfill your vision so that a career in dentistry can help fulfill the needs for your life."
Raheel Haider
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"As a student joining Mastermind, I was skeptical at first and thought it wouldn’t be useful to me. 1.5 years later, I can honestly say that being part of this group has changed my mindset, my drive and the trajectory of my career. I am a ten times better and more knowledgeable dental student and future practice owner, and am much more confident in navigating private practice thanks to the Mastermind group."
Spencer Diehl
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"ABPO was an essential part to solidifying my understanding of the importance of my vision, evaluating practices, and the process of purchasing a practice. Whether you are an associate dentist or a dental student, this course is second to none in helping the "pre-owner" feel more confident on their path to becoming a "practice owner." The knowledge, energy, and confidence I took with me from this event has drastically changed my approach to practice ownership."
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"SP and their Mastermind have been awesome to be a part of. Looking back, I have learned so much and am even getting a place of confidence in topics that I hardly even knew existed a year or two ago. The accelerator is a must for anybody wanting to play their cards right getting into ownership. Highly recommend SP to get started in your dental business knowledge!"
Tanner Menard
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"Shared Practices is one of the reasons I am so excited and optimistic about my future career in dentistry. The podcast, masterminds, monthly forums and community support have helped me immensely. The most impactful piece of knowledge I have gained from SP is a true nailing down of my vision. I now know what I want in my ideal dental practice and I feel I have a good understanding of how to get there."
Kevin Le
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"Great community of dentist who are motivated to improve their careers and help each other out. Everyone is very supportive and if you have any doubts about owning an office and improving your career, they’re there to support you. Since I’ve joined I’m much more confident in being able to assess practices because of conversations with other doctors and students alike. They’ve definitely helped me avoid a lot of mistakes and heartache and would recommend to anyone who needs a strong group to help them accomplish their goals."