Refurbishing a Dental Practice: Dr. Blake’s Path to Success

Shared Practices

Episode Description

Shared Practices’ Suzanne Rassy and Traci Roland host Dr. Blake Anderson as they talk about his inspiring journey from graduating in 2021 to owning a practice.

With his father as a role model in private dental practice, Dr. Blake always envisioned owning his practice and found the perfect fit with an underperforming clinic ripe for transformation. Despite initial hurdles like limited data access and an outdated software system, Dr. Blake, with Traci’s guidance, implemented strategic changes, significantly improving patient retention and hygiene reschedule rates.

Traci commends Dr. Blake’s unwavering positivity and humility throughout his practice ownership journey, emphasizing his unique approach to patient care and treatment acceptance. This episode offers a deep dive into the realities of turning a struggling practice into a success story, highlighting the importance of mentorship, resilience, and the right mindset in the world of dental entrepreneurship.

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